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Professional Responsibilities

4a. Reflecting on Teaching

The document presented above illustrates the reflection method I embark in at the end of my lessons and units. I utilize different assessments to collect data on what is successful and what is less successful. After analyzing this data, I reflect on what content needs to be reviewed, what content needs to be taught differently, and what content was received successfully by the students. Every time I embark in this reflection, I better my teaching by considering what attitudes, practices, or styles serve or do not serve the population I am teaching. It is important to give the best of me to all of my students which sometimes requires modifying the way I teach.

4b. Maintaining Accurate Records

The charts shown above are examples of ways in which I collect data in order to maintain accurate records throughout the schoolyear. Maintaining records for each student is essential for a couple of reasons. It is vital that the student knows what their progress has looked like throughout the class in order to analyze this information and better develop themselves. It is also important that student families can have access to the records of their student to better develop the home-school relationship which will benefit the student. Lastly, it is important to keep accurate records for school purposes. Both the administration and teachers can benefit from accurate records in order to assess the work that I am doing with the students.

4d. Participating in a Professional Community

Rutgers EdM meeting
DNJ Connection Call
NDEO logo
Dance NJ Logo
NHSDA logo
Latinx Dance Educators Alliance.png

The pictures presented above showcase some situations in which I have participated in the professional community. The Rutgers Ed.M. program has a tightly knit community of dance educators which has proven to be greatly supportive of each other. Additionally, I am a member of the National Dance Education Organization and Dance New Jersey which encompass state-wide and nation-wide communities of dance educators. They provide for multiple professional development opportunities as well as networking opportunities to grow and develop as an educator. Finally, I am also a member of the Latinx Dance Educators Alliance which provides resources for Dance Educators around the United States.

4e. Growing and Developing Professionally

The images presented above showcase just some of the programs that I have participated in to develop myself as an educator. It is essential to me as a teacher to continue to educate myself, grow, and develop so that I can be the best teacher I can be for my students. I am very focused on reinventing myself with different opportunities such as the ones presented above so that I can evolve with the times.

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