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Fitness Instructor


Laura de la Garza Noble uses her diverse studies in kinetic practices (dance, yoga, barre, weight training, strength training, anatomy, kinesiology, movement development, etc.) to create classes that cater to her clients' individual needs and strengths. When approaching fitness it is Laura's priority to be aware of the differing levels of clients and the varying goals that people may have when entering a  class. In any of Laura's fitness classes you should expect an anatomical focus to class as well as a challenge for every level. Copious amounts of sweat and muscle shakes are a guarantee in her classes!

Yoga Instructor

Certified By: OM Factory NYC

Laura is a 200+ hr certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher. Her asana practice focuses on understanding one's body, its benefits, and its limitations in order to become stronger and healthier. Based on an anatomical and kinesiology approach, Laura's practice will achieve full body strengthening in each class while catering to individual levels.


Barre Instructor

Certified By: Barre Variations


Laura received her certification through a two month program from Barre Variations. Coming from a dance, somatic, and fitness background, Laura's Barre class combines cardio, HIIT, and strength training for a body health focused workout. Using body alignment and anatomical savvy, Laura bases each Barre class on overcoming the challenges each individual may be facing.


Laura performing a Yoga position

Ana Cecilia Cueva

"Laura is such an enthusiastic teacher that you enjoy every single second of the class and you are highly motivated throughout the session. 


Alejandra Gonzalez

"I loved our Barre class! Laura is a great teacher. She kept me motivated through her movement, words, and music.

Laura performing a Yoga position

Regina Flores

"Classes with Laura are the best way to exercise and enjoy yourself while doing it. I am always looking forward to her next class so I can challenge my limits and have a great time. Honestly, her classes are amazing, and she is the best!

ClassPass User

 “Great class! A deceiving tough workout - I felt energized and challenged and I was smiling the whole time. Laura is a fabulous instructor and I can’t wait to go back!


ClassPass user

“Great class and instructor!  Laura gave some good form corrections which were helpful. This class is great for toning!!The class flew by and felt so good afterwards!

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