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dancers performing inversions



Photography By: John Evans & Arantza T. Photo

As a choreographer, I believe in using my life experience to fuel my artistry. I work with issues that I wish to explore deeper about who I am, and what I have been through. I believe in using Dance as a window to one's soul, and that my choreography should always have a connection to me. I am interested in exploring the power of a choreographic voice. I believe that much can be said through a movement piece that cannot be said verbally. I want to use my voice in choreography with intention; to provide an experience, and to deepen thought. Through this same lens, I work with my dancers, and their individuality as well. I believe that each of my dancers has a different story to tell, and a different impulse to give to my work. 

Laura performing a dance position

•    Modern
•    Contemporary
•    Ballet
•    Broadway Dance
•    Lyrical Jazz
•    Latin Jazz
•    Jazz Funk
•    Heels
•    Popping
•    Locking
•    House
•    Hip Hop Dance
•    Whacking
•    Voguing
•    POM

Highlighted Choreography

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