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Check out publications about my past, current, and future work to stay up to date with all of my projects! Are you interested in collaborating on a project in the future? Contact me!

LXDEA publication.png

The Latinx Dance Educators Alliance published a short extract about the projects I was involved in during the years of 2021 and 2022. Check out the entire article.

This interview with The Art Bay show cases the multifaceted nature of my work as an artist. It is an insight into the experiences that made me the artist I am today as well as a look into the future as I continue my journey as dancer, choreographer, educator, and instructor.

The Art Bay publication.png

LIFOTI Magazine wrote an article highlighting my trajectory and tenure as an artist in the Dance Industry. In this article I share my favorite and most challenging experience in my career as well as some insight into what made me the dancer I am today.

ITV Gold invited me to share some details on my tenure in the Dance Industry during their program "Wide Angle" with Ashok Vyas. During this interview I delved into the importance of finding your voice in any industry you find yourself in.

ITV Gold Interview.png
The Indian Panorama.jpg

The attached is an article published by the Indian Panorama Newspaper showing the parallels between Dance and Yoga as both movement practices and as meditation and insight practices. This article highlights the several lessons I have learned from Dance and how it has changed me from within.

This article in the South Asian Times denotes the passion one has to have when diving into the dance industry. It speaks about the obstacles and challenges I faced in my journey as a dancer, choreographer, and dance educator.

The South Asian Times.png
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