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The Classroom Environment

2a. Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport

HIB Assembly 2020

HIB Assembly 2020

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The video displayed above was created as a project for a Harrassment, Intimidation, and Bullying prevention assembly. With student collaboration, we established what attitudes belonged in a respectful, healthy learning environment for all, as well as which attitudes had to be erradicated from the classroom. This video highlights the different ways students can fight harrassment, intimidation, and bullying from anyone in the community and for anyone in the community. 

2b. Establishing a Culture for Learning

The commentaries shown above, were provided by my students at the end of my student teaching internship. The opinions of these students show the passion they developed for Dance thanks to my instruction. The students highlighted the qualities that engaged them the most from my teaching as well as the attitudes that helped me create respect and rapport with them. 

2c. Managing Classroom Procedures
2d. Managing Student Behavior

The classroom management plan shown here was designed to establish the behaviors and procedures that are both expected and not welcome in the dance classroom. This plan was created considering the population it was addressing in that specific moment. It is important to me to have a conversation with all of my classes to establish classroom norms that everyone is comfortable with. The purpose of co-creating classroom norms is so students understand that the procedures and behaviors we establish are for the benefit of all. This plan works as a starting point with elements that can be modified after a group discussion.

The images presented below are memes that I created to communicate some classroom norms in an accessible, fun way. Being in touch with the interests of students is something that I consider to be essential to communicate my ideas more clearly.